The Best Tiki Torch Fuel

February 22nd, 2011
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Tiki torches are mainstays of decks, patios, and backyard parties everywhere. Many restaurants also use them to further an island theme or celebrate a specific event. Even weddings have joined the tiki parade, using tiki torches to illuminate a Hawaiian themed wedding or light the beachy path to a destination wedding. With all the tiki options out there, there has also been a rise in the types of tiki torch fuel available on the market. The type of fuel you need for your tiki patio lights is largely dependent on the ways you plan to use or display your torches.

If you plan to use your them indoors, for a wedding or a “wish we were in the islands” winter party, consider purchasing a low smoke and or low odor fuel. Tiki torch fuel can emit an odor when lit, which isn’t typically a problem outdoors but the smell can become overbearing if not properly vented. Smoke can definitely become an issue in a small enclosed space so beyond just using low smoke fuel, make sure that the room is properly ventilated and that flames are not near any flammable materials. You will also want to make sure that your tiki torches are secured to the floor or wall and cannot easily be tipped over.

Backyard barbecues are a great way to kick back on a summer evening but if you live in a mosquito heavy area, you should look for citronella scented tiki torch fuel. Although the citronella scent might be offensive to some, if you place your torches at a great enough distance from the patio and food serving area, the scent should be diffused enough to allow most guests to forget about it and enjoy the party. Most guests would rather deal with a slightly unpleasant odor than a swarm of mosquitoes and the subsequent slapping and itching.

If you are planning to use your torches frequently, consider buying tiki torch fuel in bulk if you have available and safe storage. There is a difference between cheap and more expensive fuel but it probably isn’t a noticeable difference to the casual torch user.

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